2016 Rewind: 10 best Bollywood films of the year

How does one even attempt a year-ender list like this, without expecting a bunch of abusive trolls and smart naysayers going, “What? Really?” Well, ideally, you don’t. You can’t compare apples and oranges. But hey, somebody has to. And it’s fun, and apples and oranges are fruits, why can’t you compare them? So well, here’s what we thought were the 10 best Bollywood movies of 2016. I don’t know how many of them you’ve already seen. Most of these I can catch again. But then again… Okay, so let the arguments begin!



1. Dangal: Yeah, it’s become almost a cliché already to call it the best film of 2016. And our initial first was that it’d be a clichéd, strict-coach, underdog talent ‘sports film’, which it’s so not, while it wonderfully explores not just wrestling as a sport, but relationships — between society and girls, father and daughter, sport and government, city and village… And most significantly, Aamir and his annual Christmas audience! Nobody I know left disappointed; yet again.


2. Pink: Films are meant to entertain, or rather engage. But some, I suspect, should just become part of school curriculum. This brilliantly edited thriller set around a bunch of young single Delhi girls, should be made mandatory viewing to counter casual misogyny of North India. A stupendous, timely wake-up call.

Kapoor & Sons

3. Kapoor & Sons: Minimalistic, realistic, hard-hitting, and possibly the most personal film in the mainstream space this year, this drama about a dysfunctional Indian family rivals the best of its genre across the world, with some seriously top-notch performances from everyone, in particular veterans, Ratna Pathak Shah, and the adorable Rishi Kapoor. Do visit this family if you haven’t, and you may just find your own somewhere in it too!

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